Onboard new talent better, wherever they are.

Save up to 8 hours per onboarding. Build inspiring journeys effortlessly and
make new hires feel truly welcome.

Trusted by clients around the world

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Engage your hires before the first day

Don’t lose engagement due to distance. Create a seamless onboarding experience that engages the new hire as soon as they sign their contract all the way to their start date and beyond.

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on creating meaningful employee experiences.

Welcome Message

Automate the busy work

Take your onboarding beyond completing checklists. Support new hires each step of the way with personal and well-timed support helping them to settle in better and become productive faster.

Improve your communication flows with automated messages and reminders. The onboarding process becomes seamless and less dependent on manual work.

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Give everyone the same great experience

Deliver a consistent onboarding experience to all new hires regardless of role and location. No more paper checklists, confusing spreadsheets or forgotten first days.

Typelane helps you automate much of the manual and cumbersome work. By streamlining the process you can ensure every new hire gets the same understanding of the company and its culture.

Onboarding Automation

Connected to your workflows

We strive for creating a seamless experience for your employees and a completely automated workflow for you and your team.

At Typelane we’re building integrations to enable more efficient onboardings and we’re curious to hear what tools you use at your company today!

Employee Onboarding Integrations